Unstable releases


I would love to be able to help by testing PRs and branches, but don’t always have a dev environment available to build these specific branches.

It would be great if we could install a nightly (or weekly or something like that) build, which updates on a different stream. That way we can easily test unstable features (e.g. electron/chromium updates) without having to checkout git branch and build each one.

Is this possible/practical to do? I would almost certainly think the number of testers of these features would increase significantly.

Just an idea :smile:


Having a Chrome-like channel system has been discussed. It is definitely possible. As to how practical … that’s a pretty big :question: that probably centers around how to support such a thing as a part of GitHub infrastructure, etc.

My personal concern over a system like this centers on:

The current system excludes most of the people who might file an Issue on a package, theme or Atom Core itself based on an experimental branch that isn’t ready. The problem with the current system, as you correctly point out, is that it also sometimes excludes the people that wouldn’t have this problem … but makes the maintenance or other overhead too costly.

I feel a balance needs to be struck between increasing the number of testers for pre-production-quality features and flooding Atom maintainers and package authors with unhelpful feedback.


Fair enough. I agree noise can be as harmful as no testing.

Maybe something as simple as a git branch ‘experimental’ which means every week (if I choose) I can rebuild on that branch and not have to search for PRs and branches to build.

Thanks for the detailed response. :smile:


I really like this idea for things that the Core team thinks are ready but would like to see a wider audience use before full release.