Unsaved file indicator


I would like an indicator that shows files with unsaved changes, so I can easily tell which files need to be saved before previewing changes that I’m working on.

I would expect some indicator like a bullet " • ", or a similar marker precedes the file name so that it is visually different than clean files.


I see an indicator on the right of each of my tabs. Maybe some package I added does this.


There already is one in the default themes:


Ah. Thanks for the info. I was using the “Unity” theme, which does not include the indicator. Switching to one of the “Atom” themes resolves the issue.

It seemed like a very basic thing to not have been included.


Right now there isn’t a set of rules or documentation of what a UI theme should provide, so I wouldn’t be too harsh on it :grinning:


I was referring to the app itself. I hadn’t considered that a theme may, or may not include everything in the base theme; That last line was more a commentary on my inability to figure this out on my own.

The theme pages on atom.io are really nice, which led me straight to the repo. I created an issue for the theme itself. Nicely, of course. :wink: