Unresolved bug with tag and attributes color scheme


The colors of html tags, along with attributes and everything else in the code simply change after about 400 to 500 lines. This weird enough behavior happens in Brackets as well, but does not happen in Sublime. I have extensively googled this issue, but apparently and unbelievably I might be the only one facing it. Thus far, no explanation neither a solution has been found. I have attached a screen clip of my code where the ‘transition’ from one scheme to another occurs. I haven’t got a clue what it is. I have uninstalled packages, reinstalled Atom without packages, but no matter what I do, this behavior is still there. Can anyone give me a clue?

Thank you.


Looks like there is a missing " in your td tag?
<td id=tothon".... should be <td id="tothon"...


OMG… you’re not kidding. Thank you so much. I will never get back here again. :blush: