Unreadable text in tree-view with Atom Light theme


See image below. When I open a folder in the tree-view the file names appear with normal color but then in a second or two they change to an unreadable text color, at least to my eyes on my monitor. I have to close and open the folder and find the file before it disappears.

I tried changing styles but I couldn’t find the style for this. Is there some trick to finding styles? I miss being able to right click on an item and selecting “View item in inspector”. That would be an awesome feature to have.


If you launch Atom in “Developer Mode” (by typing atom --dev on the command line), you can right click on any item and you’ll get the “View item in inspector” that you’re used to :grinning:

With regard to the colors, if you’re using @danbrooker’s File Icons package, he has some handy instructions in his README that talk about how you can customize the colors of the icons.


Thanks. View Element enabled me to find the problem. It is in Tualo Git Context package.

Edit: I was wrong. It was not in the git package. I don’t know how I fixed it.