Unread count showing when everything is read


This has been persisting for a while now, but when I would click the Unread tab or refresh the page it would go away. It now seems I have a permanent minimum unread count of 2 :astonished: When I have two or more unread, the count is accurate, but I never seem to be able to go below 2.


Not sure, @sam did you want to have a look?


It’s not reproducing today … not sure what changed.


I have a daily job that fixes any inconsistencies. Very possible it sorted it out.


I am now having this problem with it showing one more than it should. So it never shows zero. I just changed my notification settings so I assume there was some race between getting a notification and changing the settings.

I’ll try changing my settings again and see what happens.


I changed my settings and the problem went away. Then I decided to try to find which setting caused it. Unfortunately I didn’t keep any notes and not only did I not learn anything, now I can’t get it back to working.

I’ll try to fix it again later.