Unown php error


hey guys!

i have a little problem with atom atm.

i got myself a lot of package at the same time but now everytime i try to code in a php file i get this error

does somebody knows how to fix this?

ps. i just installed atom yesterday so can you please keep it simple enough for me to understand? ^^


One of the packages you’ve installed is trying to send out your code to be processed by the PHP executable, probably for the purpose of checking it for errors. You should download PHP and install it.


thx for the tip.
I am trying now to instal composer but i get the error that the openssl extension is missing.
the solution (to enable it in the php.ini file) doesn’t work for me. do you have any tips on that? :slight_smile:
screen what i did to my php.ini file:

(uncommenting the extension_dir = “ext”)


I don’t know what you would do about that. That’s a PHP-specific question and you’d probably have better luck in a forum frequented by many people who use PHP.


i see. thx for the help!