Unity for Linux (specifically Ubuntu 16.04)


Does anyone have link to a full guide to getting Atom to work with code completion with Unity in Ubuntu 16.04 (or close enough linux build)?

I’ve done a bunch of googling and can only find incomplete/old/just-dont-work steps.


Which language are you working with? You may need to install an autocomplete provider to get autocomplete working for particular languages 1.


I’m using C#


I had already tried omnisharp on my initial attempt at getting it working. That’s what’s listed at that link for C#.


Yeah that’s what I was going to point to but it sounds like you had trouble getting that up and running? Sorry, I don’t have any experience with Atom + Unity but hopefully someone else in the community has set this up before and can chime in.


Yeah, I figure I’ll just stick with the jank that is Mono. It works 80%. For some reason doesn’t recognize anything from System.Collections.Generic (List and Dictionary is mostly what I use from that lib) and shows it as if there’s an error in the code and won’t show intelisence. But when I jump back to Unity it compiles no prob. Visual Studio Code doesn’t seem to want to work proper in Linux either. In Windows I’m fine because I can use proper Visual Studio, but I prefer to do anything I can do in Linux, in Linux.

So if anyone has a guide to get Atom to work proper for Unity C# in Ubuntu 16.04 (or close enough linux build), I would be eternally grateful.