Uninstalling electron media player


I installed the above software, from kickass torrents but ever since its caused me nothing but problems. I have a Lenovo computer running Windows 10. Since installing it I have trouble with activating my internet connection. I get a message saying “Windows socket registry entries required for network connectivity are missing”. So I uninstalled Utorrent where I got it from, hoping that this process would get rid of the Electron media player too. The reason for this hope is that i can’t find the app anywhere on the computer, yet the icon is there in my tray and when i click it to close it, it does “QUIT”. I’m not interested in a discussion about it. I don’t want any issues with a software that interferes in any way with my internet connection. I’m crippled and my internet is very important to me. It was frustrating to me to have to sign up for the discussion board because I can’t find on the site for the app instructions on how to uninstall it. I used my windows uninstall software app to try to remove it and it gave me some weird answer that I did not understand but the end result was it simply removed the shortcut. I’ve looked everywhere on my C drive to try to find it and thought I had found it and put it in the recycle bin, but apparently that doesn’'t work either. Please just send me the steps to uninstall the program. It’s a great concept but it’s not ready for a newbie who is not a developer. Sorry.


I’m not familiar with an “Electron media player”. The Electron discussed here is the Electron application framework, which isn’t for playing media. I’m afraid I don’t have any insight into how to uninstall whatever application you have installed :frowning2:


Well this sounds like a coy reply to me. I found this discussion board by going through the eleccton name as an application to stream torrents through kickass torrents. That’s all I know. So tell me then about this framework thing. How do I get it off my computer. The Electron logo is still [pinned to my task bar after I tried to uninstall it through my windows Uni-nnstall process. Yet that hasn’t gotten rid of the app that I got from the site “Playback Media” which is a site connected to this discussion board.


By the way, when I tried to click on the “Electron application frramwork” my browser anti-virus says that it cannot verify if this site is safe or not. It says that going on to the site might be a way for hackers to get my passwords, etc. So please help me with this problem.


Trust me. @leedohm is never coy.

No one on the board has ever typed kickass Try a search.

That is a problem with your anti-virus software. I assure you that the standard electron installer has no virus.

Edit: Your problem started when you installed kickass torrents. They very well could have given you a virus and all your problems. I personally would never install something called kickass torrents. You are asking for trouble.


Ok, let’s try this on for size then …

Until you can tell me more about what it is that you’ve installed, I have no idea how to help you. You haven’t been able to point to what you installed. You haven’t even offered a single link that might be able to give me a clue. All you have offered is vague accusations and demands.

In other words, help me help you:

Oh, and I fixed this now too:

Just go to http://electron.atom.io or click the link above.


Can’t you search the virus by typing the name in the search box of your computer?
If you can’t find it on the Control Panel, I guess the only way to get rid of it is to look for the help from third party uninstaller.
Look at this uninstall instruction and see if it could give you any clue about that.