Uninstalling atom without chocaletey


Heya’ I originally installed atom without any other programs, and just dragged it onto my desktop. what’s the best way to uninstall it? I intend on re-installing with the windows installer for the automative updating.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


You just have to remember where you installed it before and delete it. It’s just an EXE right?


Heya’ thanks for the response. EXE? it was like a zip file, i saved in downloads or something and then remember dragging it from my downloads folder onto the desktop. I had a feeling at the time it was the lazy unorthodox way of doing it lol. I later installed chocalately to create a path so i could d/l the packages.


I tried to cun inst via chocaltey btw and that isn’t working. it’s giving me an error of folder not being in the right place. shall i try uninstalling with choc before hand?


To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t use Windows and have never used Chocolatey. Perhaps @mark_hahn has some ideas?


i’ve found the atom application inside the atom folder in my documents. I’ll just try un-installing without chocalatey. I’ll let you know how it all turns out lol.


Ok sorted, have the new version installed. I just had to find the file and delete it like you said, thanks lee.