Uninstalled Package Still Running


I’ve been getting repeated errors from the ide-css package. The strange thing about this, I’ve uninstalled it entirely. My .atom/packages folder no longer shows that it is installed and yet whenever the error pops up, the stack trace shows that code is being called from one of the node package dependencies within the ide-css package.

I’ve restarted atom and force it to reload, yet it still shows this error. Would atom be loading a cached version of this package? How would I remove it?


If you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe, do you see the error? If not, does the error return when you then quit and start Atom normally?


I followed your instructions, now it appears I’m getting the same error message, but it’s coming from the ide-typescript package now. (ide-css is no longer there)


The root directory for my project contains the definitions and functionality for a javascript plugin and I have subdirectory within that, which is an angular project to demo the plugin. I think the issue may be caused by the fact that I use the link command with my package manager, yarn in this case, and it is creating a circular reference via the linked package in the root directory.

This is the content of the buffer that causes the exception: (Instead of finding a key: value pair,
it sees the < in <---- Last few GCs —>)

<— Last few GCs —>

[13628:078B3110] 573401 ms: Mark-sweep 1076.6 (1354.8) -> 1076.5 (1354.8) MB, 801.9 / 0.2 ms allocation failure GC in old space requested
[13628:078B3110] 574240 ms: Mark-sweep 1076.5 (1354.8) -> 1076.5 (1323.3) MB, 838.6 / 0.2 ms last resort GC in old space requested
[13628:078B3110] 575071 ms: Mark-sweep 1076.5 (1323.3) -> 1076.5 (1315.3) MB, 830.5 / 0.2 ms last resort GC in old space requested

<— JS stacktrace —>

==== JS stack trace =========================================

Security context: 0EA5B091
1: inflight [C:\Users\xxxx.atom\packages\ide-typescript\node_modules\inflight\inflight.js:~7]
[pc=389204DB](this=0E385525 ,key=576F50E9
<String[459]: readdir\x00


That’s strange. Does ide-typescript work?