Uninstalled Atom, now can't reinstall


I’m having trouble understanding why Atom is persisting to show in some programs that allow me to uninstall programs (CCleaner, etc…) Although I’ve uninstalled it. When I try to actually install it again, I get an error. There’s a lot of mentions of Squirrel in the error log, which I’m unfamiliar with. This is on a Windows machine, and I do know some security software has been trying to block Squirrel files from downloading, although I’ve been allowing it. Anyone experience something similar? Anyone know what the story might be?


Atom’s uninstall leaves a lot of stuff behind.

I have to temporarily disable Mcafee to install.
If that is not the problem, you can try to delete your tmp directory and/or AppData\Local\atom in your home directory.

You could also try deleting .atom in you home directory, but that is where your settings and installed packages reside.so you will lose them.