Uninstall problem


Setting up Atom on my Office PC, at home I haven’t experience these issues. There are two packages which I have been trying to remove “remote-edit” and “remote-sync” due to them somehow not being installed correctly.

Package folders are not visible in C:\Users\user.atom\packages

I have pressed “Uninstall” on both of these from in Atom (Tried enable too, but to no avail)

In node.js I have used “apm uninstall remote-sync” and “apm uninstall remote-edit” and again, these are still here.

Restarted a considerable amount of times, tried re-installing them via “apm install remote-edit”


Are the packages in C:\Users\user\.atom\dev\packages?


Also, do you, or did you, use a custom path using the ATOM_HOME variable at some point?


Hi, I have just checked no folder “dev” exists in “C:\Users\user.atom”


Fresh installation, never used Atom on the machine so no path variables have been modified, only things done are installation of packages.


Have you completely exited all instances of Atom? If there are no directories in C:\Users\user\.atom\packages there isn’t anywhere else it is going to load third-party packages from really.


Yes, it is strange, I’ve restarted the machine also


It looks like you’ve installed Nuclide. Perhaps they add some other locations where packages can be installed? Maybe @bolinfest can shed some light?


Only way I managed to fix this was delete “.atom” and uninstall Atom itself and do a completely fresh install and it seems to be working as expected now.


Did you install Nuclide again though, after your fresh installation?


Nuclide was never installed.