Uninstall packages?

I installed a couple packages (including vim mode), and now Cmd-Shift-P opens what looks like Webkit inspector instead of the command palette. Also, the initial greeting where commands you can run are overlaid across the screen such as “You can jump to a method in the editor using Cmd-R” are over my editor. As a result, I can’t do any editing or change the preferences.

Is there a way to uninstall packages or to blow away my installation and start over? I tried deleting the folder in Application Support and reinstalling, but that didn’t solve the issue.

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Try deleting the package:

rm -rf ~/.atom/packages/PACKAGENAME

Thanks for the info, found the packages folder, and was able to remove the offending packages.

You can list your packages from terminal with this command

apm list

And then you can uninstall with

apm uninstall PACKAGENAME

Awesome, thanks for showing me that command!

Man, you are an absolute lifesaver. Thank you so much!