Uninstall and Reinstall Atom


Recently, I’ve been having a weird bug with atom that wont go away, however, that is not the point of this discussion as I am sure it will go away once I reinstall atom. Sadly, I have tried to uninstall it (manually and using AppCleaner) several, only to find that when I download it from the website again, my exact preferences and the bug, having reinstalled themselves automatically. I don’t know why… I also wasn’t prompted with the installation guide I got when I first installed it. I’m using macOS 10.12 and the latest version of atom. Can anyone help me?


What’s the bug?

Atom stores its preferences in the .atom folder in your user directory, precisely so that you don’t lose your config files and packages if you need to uninstall it. If a file in .atom is messed up, then you may need to rename it and allow Atom to generate a new one when it starts up, then copy your configuration to the new one.