Unexpected behaviour when launching Atom from OSX Spotlight


When launching Atom from Spotlight the spotlight field finds Atom (even when just searching for “a” for example), but rather than showing a list of search options below the search term Spotlight closes after less than a second.

If I immediately press Enter after entering the search term, Atom launches, but if I wait more than 500 ms or so, the Spotlight search term box closes and focus is back on my most recent Application.

I’ve tested with all other programs in my Applications folder, and Spotlight works as expected with them.

I get the same results from opening Spotlight with both keyboard shortcut (cmd + space) and using the icon in the top right of the top bar in Finder.

I realise this might be a OSX issue, but want to hear first if others have experienced similar issues?


This is a known issue:

You can subscribe to that Issue for updates :grinning:


Similar problem here. In my case Spotlight freezes at the moment it displays Atom. Then it just stays and I have to kill it.

Atom 1.5.3
OSX 10.11.3


Nevermind, I just found the solution: