Unexpected behavior when resizing Atom window on multi-monitor setup


In Atom version 0.94.0 on Mac OS 10.9.2 attempting to resize editor window while it is on a secondary* monitor, makes editor window jump to primary* screen and either:

  • if grabbed by the right side or right corner, be extended all the way to where it was grabbed on the secondary screen, though hidden since it’s on left screen now
  • if grabbed by the top or bottom, continue resizing from where it was grabbed, though window is on the left primary display and mouse pointer is still on the right
  • if grabbed by left side or left corners, make itself thin and push itself against right side of the left screen while allowing to resize, as long as mouse/trackpad left click is still being held

Depending on which screen/display/monitor it was residing before exit, similar glitch may happen in reverse: right screen behavior would be fine, but left side resizing would make an editor window jump screens…

It’s a bit tricky to explain, but if you have a multi-monitor setup, try resizing Atom window on both monitors to reproduce…

* primary, in my case, being a Macbook LCD panel on the left, and secondary is a right side monitor connected via CalDigit station’s HDMI port.