Unexpected `atom --clear-window-state` behaviour?

Someone could please follow the steps and confirm function.
Please state also your flavour of OS and Atom version.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Atom
  2. Open a random file. This should be the only file.
  3. Close Atom
  4. Reopen Atom.
    • Experienced: Atom retrieves the file in (2).
    • Experienced: No difference for any selection on
      Settings -> Core -> Restore previous windows on start
  5. Close Atom.
  6. Open Atom from the OS terminal with the command:
    atom --safe --clear-window-state
  7. Result?

Expected behaviour:

Atom opens in a blank state.

Actually happen (on my install):

Atom opens with the file in (2).

My installation

Windows 10 (Build 18362)
Atom V1.41.0 (primary)
Atom V1.42.0-beta0 (portable, isolated)
Atom V1.43.0-nightly6 (portable, isolated)

In my case, execute the following command solved the problem;

$ atom --clear-window-state

Then Atom can open the errored file or directory.