Undo/redo broken


Is undo/redo broken for anyone else in 0.111? Frequently when I undo my editor resets to a very old state of the file I am editing and I can not redo. I will remove undo key bindings for now but am I the only one experiencing this?

Occasionally ⌘Z (undo) resets buffer to an old state and clears undo history (code is lost)

Are you editing a file that is in a Dropbox folder like in this topic?

Or are you using vim-mode like in this bug?


The file is in sshfs but is not modified on the other end. Also, this has never happened until yesterday evening.


Oh, also, this happened for a file within Dropbox but not on sshfs without being touched by any other computer at the same time.


So this sounds like Dropbox (or potentially any sort of remote-ish filesystem) could be part of the issue. Can you reproduce the issue on a file hosted locally? Or can you reproduce the issue while running atom --safe?


I’ve had this a few times but not consistently enough to be able to replicate it,

but I’m not running on drop box or with anything funky.

I just undid a change, it went back to a change I did an hour ago, undoing all my changes and it won’t redo.

its not the file system’s fault, this is an atom quirk I’m afraid. Will try and replicate it…


It would be best to try to replicate it when running Atom in Safe Mode (atom --safe) because that’s probably the first thing we’ll ask for to ensure that it isn’t a package that is causing the issue.


figured out the problem, its the undoing of undoing that doesn’t work.

In sublime or vim I can undo an undo command, ie, the undo is added as a history event that can be undone, but you can’t undo an undo in atom, an undo isn’t logged and that history is lost.

test case is

step 1
type hello there

step 2
undo the last letter so you just have
hello ther

step 3
continue typeing
hello thermometer

step 4
expected undo is that you can undo to the original state of
hello there

(at the moment you can’t)