Undo horizontal scroll when jumping between 'Find' results

When I’m looking for matching text in a file (using Find (Ctrl-F)), I type the text and hit Enter to search for it. I keep hitting Enter to jump between the matching results. I often like to see where a result appears in a file by checking the nearby function name or part of the code it appears in.

Sometimes, a result appears to the far right of a line of code, and so the editor scrolls horizontally over so it’s visible in the window. However, when I hit Enter to view more results, the editor doesn’t scroll back to the very left of the file. Results still appear in the window, but maybe the first few characters of each line of code are off-screen.

Now I can obviously use my mouse to scroll back over to the left to see the code properly and get my bearings by looking at function names, etc. on the left of the file, but I don’t like having to take my hand off the keyboard to the mouse to do this, especially if there are lots of results on the right of the file and the editor keeps scrolling over to them.

Is there a way I can use the keyboard to jump the horizontal scroll back to the left as I work my way through the matching results? Normally using the Home key will jump the cursor to the left in the editor (and therefore the scroll as well), however my cursor is in the Find tab and pressing Home jumps the cursor to the beginning of the word I’m searching for, not affecting the editor’s scroll at all…