Understanding Crash Reporter?


I have checked the documentation of Crash-Reporter.But I have not able to figure out how it is used.
I have created firebase URL for saving all crash report.Now I wanted to know how it can be used in crash-reporter. I have used below code :-

productName: ‘YourName’,
companyName: ‘YourCompany’,
submitUrl: ‘https://abc.firebaseIO.com’,
autoSubmit: true

Am I doing anything wrong here? let me know ur input.
How can i simulate a crash to test it is working?

Need help in crash-reporter implementation

hi, i want to do the same thing:)
did you find a solution ?


Hi, you can simulate crash : with process.crash()
If you can crash in your renderer, you must add crashReporter.start… same in you main.
And add process.crash()

In your temp directory (app.getPath(‘temp’)+ / NameProject Crashes /) you can see all files generated by crash-reporter

To save of your server, get data with payload