Uncaught error in PHP file


When I try to comment out an echo statement in some PHP code, the developer tools opens and display this error:

Uncaught Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory ‘/User Guides And Information’ (in the file fs-js)

Have tried this in different php files, but get the same error.

Regards, Magnus


Can you reproduce the error after closing all instances of Atom and launching in Safe Mode with atom --safe?


Yes of course, sir.
When starting in safe mode everything working. Is it then a third party package that causing the problem?

I uninstalled the latest packages (Atom color highlighter and Yosemite UI), but that not solved the problem.



Yes, almost definitely it is a third-party package that is causing the issue. Safe Mode launches Atom with only its own packages. I created a feature request for a tool that will help tracking down which package is the source of such issues … but perhaps there is some clue in the stack trace?


Just a short update: It was the package Autocomplete Paths that caused the error.

// magnus