Uncaught error in dev package totally disables the editor


I’m developing my first package, when I make a mistake and get an Uncaught error such as:
, atom becomes dysfunctional and I can’t edit my code to fix the error. Then I have to go to Settings -> Packages search for my package, disable it, reload the window, make the change, go to Settings -> Packages again and enable my package, reload the window and see if my change fixed the problem. This is much too tedious, is there a better way?


This is why Dev Mode exists. If you have your package somewhere and you link it to the developer packages using apm link --dev then it will only be loaded when you launch Atom in Dev Mode via atom --dev. This allows you to have two instances of Atom running … one in Dev Mode with your package loaded and the other in regular mode without your package loaded.


I did the apm link --dev command but I didn’t think to have two instances of Atom running…great idea! Thanks for the quick reply.