Unable to update packages


Trying to check for updates within Atom but all I get is “Request for package information failed: connect ETIMEDOUT” errors.

I can install new packages, but checking for updates for the last couple of days has given me the above error.

Any clues as to the problem?


I’ve also had this issue a few times. Updating from within Atom gave me the error, but updating from the command line with apm update worked just fine.


Fails with amp update as well, but this does appear to be an issue with our internal work network. All seems fine when I try and update from home :frowning:

Guess we’ll need to put a support request in with the IT guys…


Have you followed the proxy instructions here?


I’ve also been seeing this same error recently, both within Atom and on the command line (same “ETIMEDOUT” message in both cases). Not behind a separate firewall. Nothing else over the network seems to be having problems loading/connecting at the same time as checking for updates, so slightly confused as to the cause. :confused:


We don’t use a proxy, but according to our IT guys it appears to be the Sophos firewall that’s blocking it. They still haven’t fixed it yet mind you…