Unable to see the half-million rows below row 642000. Don't know why!


I am a new user. I am working with large flat files. I can load them into Atom with a problem. When I scroll through the file, or use the Goto Line function, when I get to row 645,278, I can see only the top half of that line and the screen below it is blank. I can continue to scroll and see the scroll bar on the right move, but I cannot see the data. I can goto to row 1,140,000 (with the goto function) but the screen is blank.

Anyone have any ideas for me?



Atom has some serious performance issues with large files. It does so much stuff in the background that’s not a problem at the scale that most people work with, but I believe your files are too big to comfortably work with in this editor.


I appreciate your reply. Do you have a recommendation for working with bigger files?

Mark Williams


What operating system are you running?


A mix. MS, Linux, Ubuntu

Mark Williams


For Windows, Notepad++ is pretty good. For Linux, Gedit is an old mainstay (editors on Linux are surprisingly more limited if you’re like me and don’t want to venture anywhere near the vi/emacs crowd).


Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (?)
Also free and runs on many OS flavours.

Mark: I would not recommend posting you mobile number with your replies.



We’ve recently made many improvements to big file handling in Atom and the issue now is that we open big files just fine but after a certain point Atom can’t render the lines. I think it is the compositor that gives up. This is something we will address in the future but it is currently not prioritized.

Another issue for big files is that we reached the height limit for the scrollbar div so after a certain point the scrollbar will stop working.

Do you have soft wrap enabled? If you turn it off Atom should be able to render more lines. When I tested earlier the limit was 1048576 lines for me.

You may want to subscribe to https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/13459 for updates.