Unable to run java code through script i get the error Error: 0x80070057


I installed a fresh copy of atom Following are all the steps i followed

I am using windows 10

1.I installed a fresh copy of atom.
2.installed Script through apm install script.
3.Through turn windows setting on or off i enabled linux subsystem
4.bash is working properly in both cmd and power shell.

output when i enter bash command in cmd and powershell–


my environment path variables are-

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_144\bin

Now the problem is i get the following error when i run my java programs through ctrl+shift+b

any help is greatly appreciated(Sorry tried uploading all screen shots but am new user so am not allowed to upload more than 1 pic).


Error got solved with the new update of Script had something to do with windows update