Unable to run html,css and js programs


Hi team,
Could you help me to get out from this step.
i’m trying to run code using shortcut and other objects but not able to run the code…

so i run it once using file location but i want to run it using shortcut !
how can i ? plz tell me and help asap !


Your question is unclear. Please tell us what package you are using, what you were doing before, what you’ve tried, and what you are expecting.

And even what you are doing; I can’t tell if you are making a website (with the HTML) or running a JS program…


Thanx for the reply and here is the clear explanation,

I’m running basic html, css and javascript program.
i am already done with code but i want to run the html code on browser.
so how run it ?


Does this package do it?


Yeahh !! Thanx for the help…

i done it after importing the above mentioned package .

once again thak you :slight_smile:

Prashant Patil


In general, a quick google search should return some candidates, and you could test each one to see if it works for what you want.

For example, I’ve never used that package before. I just google searched atom run html in browser and it was the first package result (the fourth overall).


Yes i knew and i did it before you replied the package name,
and i found much more result but i appreciate with this 2 packages : browser-plus and open-in-browser.

and you replied with the same package name so i gave you appreciation for that…understood !


This one could also be useful


yep ! i know