Unable to run atom --dev


After Bootstraping the atom source code, If i run atom --dev it is giving

Your platform (MINGW64_NT-10.0 System 2.8.2(0.313/5/3) 2017-07-12 15:35 x86_64 Msys) is not supported.


Please provide more information. What operating system are you running? Have you tried running a prebuilt version of Atom? Does atom work, while atom --dev doesn’t?


I am using windows 10. I have cloned the code GitHub yesterday and Installed,
Node: v8.11.4
Npm: v6.2.0
Python: v2.7.14
Build tools - 2015

Steps I followed

  1. cd to cloned atom directory
  2. script/bootstrap
  3. atom --dev / atom-dev / atom-beta -> did not showed the following error mentioned above

I have executed all the commands using git bash.


Does Atom work when you download the Windows installer and run it? Because this sounds like a problem with how the MinGW build tools built Atom, which is not something that I’m able to troubleshoot.