Unable to push with Git Integration


So I deleted some temp files…and I do think I broke my github integration. When I try to push now I always get a ‘Unable to push’ notification followed by:

/C/Users/Joel/AppData/Local/Temp/github-11764-10468-1r2ij1k.c2bq2dquxr/git-credential-atom.sh: line 2: 13196 Segmentation fault ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE=1 ELECTRON_NO_ATTACH_CONSOLE=1 “$ATOM_GITHUB_ELECTRON_PATH” “$ATOM_GITHUB_CREDENTIAL_PATH” “ATOM_GITHUB_SOCK_PATH" "@” error: cannot spawn /C/Users/Joel/AppData/Local/Temp/github-11764-10468-1r2ij1k.c2bq2dquxr/git-askpass-atom.sh: No such file or directory fatal: could not read Username for ‘https://github.com’: terminal prompts disabled

So I’ve tried to reinstall, I’ve tried to delete all the data/register/temp info from Atom but still I haven’t managed to fix it. Any ideas please??