Unable to Push commits in Atom


Since I installed Atom, I’ve never been able to push from the Atom interface. If I use Git (bash or GUI) externally, it works without problems in the same folder, for the same repository. Here is the error message.

/C/Users/: line 1: ��: command not found

/C/Users/: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `(’

/C/Users/: line 2: `Name : Launch TMUnlimiter (Windows XP Compatibility)’

error: cannot spawn /C/Users//AppData/Local/Temp/github-2020225-3760-1jsa45.ovpiw/git-askpass-atom.sh: No such file or directory

fatal: could not read Username for ‘https://github.com’: terminal prompts disabled

My Atom project is in this folder “C:\Users<my windows username>\AtomProjects” and I noticed that the error message talked about folders that don’t exist (the paths refer to the windows user folder, but the path is not complete). I’ve already had this kind of error with other programs when I save to a folder that has a space in the name (for example some programs consider “C:\my folder” as “C:\my”). Do you think it could be caused by that?

Sorry if I make spelling mistakes, I’m not native English speaker.