Unable to publish new package version (Application error)


I tried to release a new version of my nord-atom-ui package (v0.6.0) but got this error:

apm publish --tag v0.6.1
Publishing nord-atom-ui@v0.6.1 ✗
Creating new version failed: Application error

I read some other threads and tried to

  • remove the orgin remote and add it again
  • remove the tag, push to GitHub to delete the tag too and recreated the tag
  • unpublished v0.5.1 to see if it conflicts with the new version, but now I am not able to even republish v0.5.1 again

I changed NOTHING in my release workflow neither updated git or any package that could cause this error.
I tried with various different Atom,- npm- and Node versions now and got the same error all the time.

It is really sad that apm is such an unstable tool for an awesome editor like Atom that acts randomly and you have to hope that it is in a good mood -.-


The new package version is finally published by just try’n error with APM:

  • reset the history back when it failed
  • remove created tag
  • tag it again with the correct version
  • manually edit the package.json file and downgrade the version string
  • try to pusblish again

Tried this almost more than one hour, finally released version 0.7.0 although my target version actually was 0.6.0, but “never touch a published APM version” sigh.