Unable to permanently remove project folder


Hey there,

I only installed Atom last week, and ever since I launched the app for the very first time, it will open the folder /System/Library/Automator/Save Images from Web Content.action/Contents/Resources/pt.lproj in the side bar as a project folder on startup.

I have no clue where this comes from, since I never opened this folder or any file therein explicitly.

I googled and found I could delete the contents of ~/.atom/storage, so that’s what I did, and it worked temporarily. But after a couple of restarts, the very same folder reappears in the side bar.

Looking at application.json, there is indeed an entry

[{"initialPaths":["/System/Library/Automator/Save Images from Web Content.action/Contents/Resources/pt.lproj"]}]

It would be interesting to know why Atom keeps re-adding this folder to the initialPaths and how it can be permanently prevented from doing so.

It’s Atom 1.0.2 on OS X 10.10.4. I have not installed any additional packages. The only thing I changed was switching to the Solarized Light syntax theme as far as I remember.

I am not sure if this qualifies for an issue report, since I seem to be the only one affected by this, so I thought I post this here.




You must be doing something to add that path in that way, especially if it didn’t come back right away. How are you launching Atom?


I launch Atom the typical OS X way, by double clicking on the Atom.app bundle.


Where is the Atom.app bundle installed? Do you click it on the Dock? Or launch it from Spotlight? (Both of which are also “typical OS X ways”.)


Yes, I have added it to the dock. But whether I start it by clicking the dock icon or by double-clicking it directly in Finder does not make a difference.

It’s installed in /Applications.

It might be relevant that I do my daily work under a non-admin account (i.e. I moved the app bundle to /Applications as an admin but launch Atom as a non-admin user).