Unable to open sftp:// links in linux


I’d like this kind of support to be native but a package would work as well. I use my file manager to browse my files more often then not when I need to edit just one file. I would greatly appreciate this feature. I know it is still early in the development cycle, I’m hoping this makes it into it soon.

Thanks for any tips/tricks/etc


One of these packages or topics should be able to help?


I had previously installed SFTP-deployment, but It doesn’t open SFTP links. I just tried remote-edit, same issue. It won’t open sftp links. Maybe a hook or something is needed?


I don’t know what is needed, actually. Perhaps you should open a feature request on one or the other of those packages? Given that there was an official post that the chance of official support of SFTP is low:

But if either of those package authors need something added to Atom Core for the link feature to work, then a more specific feature request or pull request would be what’s needed.

Remote-edit: sftp/ftp remote edit package available