Unable to open files more than 1Mb?


I seem to be having issues opening up files more than 1Mb in size?

I’ve tested with one byte less:

1024*1024 - 1 = 1048575

dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1048575 count=1 of=dummy7

and this file opens correctly.

However, if we do:

1024*1024 = 1048576

dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1048576 count=1 of=dummy

this file does not open.

Files below that boundary open file - files above that boundary do not.

Is there some kind of hardcoded limit in Atom?

Normally I’d report this on Github issues, lol, but Atom (core) isn’t open-sourced or listed on Github…(as an aside - will Atom be available on Github at some stage? Or at least the issue tracker?)



Indeed, it looks like Atom doesn’t supper bigger file yet.

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We plan to lift the cap before 1.0. We have some optimization to do when files start getting huge. If you need to edit huge files Atom might not be ready for you yet, but we’ll get there. Thanks for bringing it up.


FYI, I just released a package for viewing and tailing large files …

@Atom team:

Has there been any progress on this? Are you able to open files larger than 1Mb (or whatever the cap is) yet?

I’d love to use Atom more in my day-to-day, but this and the auto-save were the two things holding me back.

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Everyone, check out @nathansobo’s update to the issue:

Spoiler alert: It’s closed.