Unable to open file/folder from CLI in Windows 8


From CLI, typing ‘atom folder’ or ‘atom file.ext’ does not open that file in Atom, instead Atom opens with the tree visible for the directory Atom is installed in.

Simply typing Atom does not open into that folder’s tree view either, in this case it opens a completely empty instance of Atom.


I have seen this happen also, but it only started after i did an Atom install using Chocolatey. When i synced through git and did a manual build it worked fine, not as fine as on my Mac, but still good.

  • on windows 8.1 update 1
  • chocolatey v0.9.8.25
  • apm 0.71.0
  • npm 1.4.4
  • node 0.10.26
  • python 2.7.7
  • got 1.8.4.msysgit.0
  • visual studio 2013


Yea I’m suspicious of the Choco install of atom.

It installs it in different folders and who knows what it does with the dependencies…


I did use Chocolatery, so that could be the issue.