Unable to Install Packages/Themes behind proxy environment


I’m unable to install any packages or themes behind the proxy environment. It’s throwing “connect ETIMEDOUT” error. I’ve updated my proxy settings but still haven’t gotten rid of that error. Am I missing anything? Please let me know.



I wasn’t allowed to post two pics in my initial post as I’m a new user. So attaching the error separately.


There’s documentation in the apm package README on how to handle a proxy. There is also this topic that has lots of discussion around how people have resolved their proxy issues:

This is a duplicate of the above mentioned topic. We like to unify similar discussions under one topic so that people don’t have to read a bunch of different threads to get the whole story. Unless there is an objection, I’ll close this topic in favor of the linked one in three days.



Thanks for the reply.

I had gone through that discussion. If you look at my screenshot in the original post, that was the solution given in the discussion thread. It didn’t work for me. That’s why I had to open a new discussion.



The solution isn’t to open a new topic discussing the same thing as the original. Please continue the discussion on the original topic.

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