Unable to install Atom


I am new to programming and have just started to learn Python through Charles Severance book. He asks to download and install Atom.
I have just downloaded Atom. I have Windows 7 operating systemm.
It has downloaded and for some reason has been placed in the “Pictures” folder. Every time I try to run it there is a message that says that “installation failed” and to contact the author.

What should I do?
Please help.




Consider giving as much information on your situation as you can. For example: Where did you get the installation files from? May I assume you have a 64-bit Windows7 version?

As development of Atom is on-going it is worth keeping an eye on:
… best to avoid the BETA versions for now.

The current stable versions of Atom can be found here:
…of which the Windows installable is: https://github.com/atom/atom/releases/download/v1.20.0/AtomSetup-x64.exe[1]

There are portable versions too. Those are the ones listed with “atom-windows.zip” (32-bit) and “atom-x64-windows.zip” (64-bit). Do not worry about these right now. However know that the instructions are available in the flight manual (http://flight-manual.atom.io/).

Possible steps to follow:

  • Uninstall the Atom version you have. It should not live in the folder you mention.

  • If you have not done so - install Python as per instruction of the book or from www.python.org. Make sure to have the correct python version and the python command is loaded into your ‘PATH’.

  • To test if Python is working correctly - enter the command python in the command prompt (cmd.exe). This should give a response.

  • Install Atom from [1].

  • Test if Atom opens properly.

So… start there and see if you can follow the instructions of the book from there.

- Dan Padric

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