Unable to install atom packages or themes. I get this error where it cant even view my installed packages


I have no idea what to do. I have looked all over the internet but I cannot get this thing to work… I am a college student who is doing both Freelancing work and a class in web development so I need this fixed soon. Any ideas?


Could you please share what is the operating system you are using (detailed) and the version of Atom you are running? Also, how did you install it?

  • Close all atom windows
  • Try starting atom from a command line with the --safe option.
    If that doesn’t work …
  • Close all atom windows
  • Rename or delete ~/.atom directory.
  • Try again


Windows 8.1 also I installed it on a fresh install of Windows 8.1


Im sorry how do I do the safe option?


Open a console. Type atom --safe.


Thanks I’ll try that.


Ok I tried save and it still doesnt work and I removed the .atom directory with no luck

And thank you for taking your time to help. I really appreciate this.

  • Have you ever had Atom installed before?
  • Can you execute apm search font at the command line and get a meaningful result?


I use Atom on all 3 of my machines. Linux, Windows, and Mac. I use all three since I work on apps in all platforms.(when I am not doing web development) I love it with all its freedom like sublime, with it being easy to configure and use it helps with my busy schedule. But I will give that a shot of using apm install as well as apm seach . Though I have to admit its kind of handy to search for packages via the text editor itself. I guess it will be a temporary solution for now. I hope I am not the only one with this little bug . Though thank you for your reply.

But just a thought: Why cant I use a git hub account to sync my installed packages across all


The reason why I ask if you have had Atom installed before is that people have had strange issues with current versions of Atom on Windows when they had previous versions installed via Chocolatey. So if you had previous versions installed via Chocolatey, that might give us more information. The question wasn’t intended to disparage your experience with Atom in any way :grinning:

The short answer is, “GitHub hasn’t built it.” The slightly longer answer is, “GitHub hasn’t built it … and neither has anyone else.” :laughing:

I do have some ideas for my package-sync package though …

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You can sync packages you star. Maybe this can help:



when i click install button then it looks like installing but aftr some times it stops and again showing install button. i mean i cant install any themes and packages … could u help


What happens when you try to install the package from the command line with apm install?


sorry, i dont know how to install it using command i hav started to using atom before two days


when i click install button it seems like installing but it stops after some times. and i am using windows 8.1


This isn’t about Atom. This is about the command line interface on your computer. Open the command prompt and type apm install pigments or some other package that you don’t have. What is its response?


ok just wait i wl try


cannot find apm error