Unable to install Atom (MacOS 10.15.2)

I am trying to install Atom, after downloading and unpacking the compressed file, I receive this message:

**“Atom 2” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.
This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information. **

running MacOS 10.15.2, after a recent update to macOS Catalina.

Can anyone help fix this problem?

Have you tried right-clicking the application, then selecting “Open”?


wow. That worked!

I don’t know why that would make a difference. Can you explain?

I no longer get the message, thank you.

By default, macOS blocks the opening of unsigned apps. You usually see a dialog like this one:

The long way to allow these is to open them from the security tab in your System Preferences. The shortcut is to use “Open” from the context menu.

Afterwards, you should be able to open the app like you would normally do.

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The real question is, why does Atom not come in a properly signed package? I know it’s free software, and it costs money for Apple to issue you a developer certificate, but surely GitHub can afford the $99/yr needed to become part of the Apple Developers program.

See this issue for details:

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i was also facing the same problem but thing worked for me was the
“right click and open the file”
i promise you it will work no matter which version of mac you use!
Application–>atom icon—>right click—>open
like and share if it worked for you!


Solved , Thanks Man
but should I do the same all times

As mentioned before, this is only required once