Unable to install Atom after Automated Update

Firstly, apologies if this is a duplicate ticket. I’ve looked through the other tickets and none seem to hold an answer to my specific use case, and the solutions in the other threads are not working for me.

I am on Windows 10.

I was using Atom (just writing simple notes in markdown, nothing strenuous) and it suddenly closed itself. When I went to open it again, I found that it was missing from my machine. I now get an error every time I try to reinstall.

I think what has happened is Atom attempted an automated update, uninstalled the previous version then errored on installing the new version, which is how I’ve ended up with no installation. I am attempting to install the latest version directly from https://atom.io (version 1.45.0-beta0 apparently) and this is the error I see directly after starting AtomSetup-x64.exe

Atom Install Error

Is anybody able to help me get this installed? I’ve tried installing an old version (1.39) and this still does not work. The error log is too large for a single post so I have threaded it below

The error can be found in this gist:

Atom Installation Error Log Gist

It is unfortunately too long to paste directly here

Hello Chris, sorry to hear your difficulty.

On this public forum its community members volunteer to help fellow community members. If you wish to create a ‘ticket’ you best do it at www.github.com/atom/atom/issues.

I am of the opinion that your best work around is to make a portable installation. You will loose the auto update of the Atom application, but I see a positive: having more control. That is however not the first step to take.

Please direct your attention at an earlier post:
Error while installing Atom

These instructions attempt to restore the ‘normal’ installation. Best not to use the BETA version that you downloaded. Currently the stable version is V1.44.0:

Only if these steps fail should you attempt a portable installation. It is best that you clear all the residuals of the regular installation (see link above) before making a portable installation. The instructions on making a portable installation is:

Feel welcome to return with notes on your experiences.

Good luck

That worked perfectly and I now have Atom installed again. Thanks @snoop!

Please tell me what you did:

  • Clearing the residual install only
  • Using a portable installation

Apologies, I followed the initial instructions to clear the residual install. I’ve also bookmarked that post in case I need it again.


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