Unable to get local issuer certificate


I am unable to search for any packages while I am at work. The error I am receiving is “unable to get local issuer certificate”. I am behind multiple firewalls and a webfilter. It is common for me to run in to issues with the webfilter due to the use of a Internally (via internal CA) signed cert on the webfilter. Typically all I have to do it configure the application to ignore SSL cert errors but I am not having much luck figuring it out in Atom. I should also mention that I am a new Atom user so please forgive me if I ask any “obvious” questions.


I just figured it out so I am going to post here what I did in case any new users come across it:

You need to add strict-ssl=false to C:\Users\UserName\.atom\.apmrc (or /home/UserName/.atom/.apmrc for most Linux). If this EXACT filename does not exist then create it! Don’t confuse this with OS_Dependant_Path/.atom/.apm/.apmrc as this is the base system-level config file and is over-written everytime you relaunch Atom.


This is also covered in the installation section of the Atom Flight Manual:



Thank you very much, @leedohm, it was really helpful!


Thankyou @gruberaaron.