Unable to download package and themes for Atom


I was trying to download package and themes for atom, however i am getting an error, which is shown below:

Searching packages failed:

Connect Error

Could not connect to server

    <div class="row">
            <p class="label">Overview:</p>
            <p class="item">Could not connect to atom.io .</p>
    <div class="row">
            <p class="label">Details:</p>
            <p class="item">Peer suddenly disconnected found</p>

    <div id="options">
            <p class="label">Options:</p>
            <form action=""><input type="button" class="button" onclick="history.back();" value="   Go Back   "></form><p class="item">Pressing the button allows you to go to the previous page.</p>
            <p class="last-item">You can try to reload the page or check if the URL is correct.</p>

    <div><img class="logo" title="Websense" src="https://atom.io/%24%24%24%26%3f%26%3f%24%24%24?cmd=get_file&arg=images/wslogo_block_page.png&sid=81A4925BE3A8B39E1EA76FFAD18E11C6476C7158" alt="Websense Logo">
            <div style="clear: both; overflow: hidden; height:1px;"></div>

.apmrc file looks like below:


xxxx = Organization’s proxy, cannot reveal asper organization’s guideline.