Unable to download Atom

I used Atom for a while then it stoppped working .I tied to download it again ,but it wouldn’t download .Could someone help with this?Thank you ,sister maria

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

You have given us very little information.
Would it be possible to give some more information?

  • Operating System
  • Atom version
  • Description of the symptoms
  • Where is the “download” coming from?
  • Which “download” is being used?

The operating system is Windows 8 .
The Atom download was the latest 1.43.version .The download was from Google Chrome .

It worked for about a week and then stopped .

I couldn’t open it anymore .I tried downloading again without success .

Thank you for your help ,

Sister maria


Your reply has less information than I hoped to get.
Now it becomes difficult to lead you to answers while avoid sounding arrogant & insulting.
I need you to be patient with me.

Please consider asking a flesh and blood person to assist if you are a basic PC user.
If you are more advanced user, please tell me as to avoid details that you know.
Do mention what you use Atom for (or hoping to use it for).

It is not helpful to reinstall Atom when things go wrong.
It takes experience with Atom to be able to remove Atom from a PC.
We are not there yet.

How do you start Atom?

  • Shortcut on desktop
  • START menu, or
  • RUN window
  • Command prompt or Powershell

Is the way you started Atom in past still available?

Are you using a laptop?
Was the laptop plugged into an external screen when you used Atom last?

Do you know where Atom is installed on your PC?
Error while installing Atom

I started Atom with a shortcut on the desktop .
I have a desktop computer .

Thank you

sister maria


Please follow the following steps:

  1. Open the RUN window …
    Press the buttons: Win R

  2. Type the command in:
    cmd /k "%localappdata%\atom\bin\atom.cmd --safe"

  3. It will look like:

  4. Press the [OK] button to proceed.

  5. A command line interface will open first.

  6. Wait for a few long seconds.
    (I expect a second window to open.)

  7. Report here on what happened.
    Special attention to the command line that opened if the second window did not open.

  8. Close the newly opened windows.