Unable to create any windows / run the application (win10)


I’ve been trying to get an Electron program to work on my Windows 10 laptop, but I can’t get the BrowserWindow to open. When I run the application from Visual Studio 2017, only the console opens up. And when I try to open the Electron.exe itself from the folders, nothing happens. The Electron-process can be seen in the task manager, though.

Since I get no errors or anything whatsoever, I’m really confused about this. What could “stop” Electron from showing any windows? Faulty code can’t be the reason, since I’ve used the exactly same code from Electron quick start in my project, and opening Electron.exe doesn’t require anything to be made by me.

When I tried to make as simple Electron app as possible from zero in VS2017, I tried to put in console.log()-commands everywhere to see what is called. The point where there was one log-command before and one log-command after “win = new BrowserWindow()” line, the one AFTER the “new BrowserWindow()” line didn’t get put into the console. Or any other after that. There are no errors, warnings, anything to be seen. Two processes start, and one of them just disappears after a while. What could possibly cause this?