Unable to compile any programs in atom


I am trying compile my program in atom but when i press f5 I can’t see the output console.When i check the console in developer tools i found this .Please help me get out of this error.


It sounds like there might be a bug in atom-python-run. Do any other packages like script or atom-runner work for you?


I haven’t check that , shall I disable atom-python run @DamnedScholar


Please try with a different package and tell me what happens.


@DamnedScholar I tried disabling atom-python run and when i tried running the program nothing appeared in developer console nor did program executed.


But now I am able to compile other programs except python programs.


What package did you use?


I used atom runner.


And you’re saying that atom-runner works for all languages you’ve tried except for Python?

Have you installed Python on your computer? Windows does not come with Python installed by default.

One more thing. I noticed that your code folder is inside .atom/. This isn’t the best idea, since .atom/ is the configuration folder for Atom and should be kept separate from your personal documents and projects.