Unable to commit


I’m using Git on my Window 10 laptop. In Git I have two files I’m trying to commit, one is an index,html file and the other is an app.js file. When I try to commit these files a message shows up in Git that said: Hint waiting for your text editor to close files… The text editor is Atom. The text editor close and will open back up. An error message shows up in Git that states Aborting commit due to the empty commit message. Not sure what to do next.


Are you committing from the command line or from Atom?


I’m committing from the comma
nd line on Git.


Are you using the Windows command prompt? Git bash? What commands are you using?


I’m using the command prompt on Git Bash. The command that I’m using is git commit.



I found a solution. I used the command: git config --global core. editor ‘your editor’ -w. In my case the text editor was Atom.

I would like to thank everyone that tried to help me. Thank again.