{UN-SOLVED} How to map 'v' to open a new tab? 's' to move to the next tab 'a' to move to previous tab


the docs were way way too hard to understand, also was too long, dry, wordy


The section on keybindings is here. Are you having difficulty with something specific?


that’s the page im talking about

i dont know how to map to the things i need


As the documentation says, you can find the existing keybindings for commands by going to Settings -> Keybindings and searching there. Specifically, you want to look for application:new-file and the pane commands. Then just override them in your keymap.cson.


can someone put this on the top of that page,

the first thing should be Settings -> Keybindings

so we all know where to find it


there should be an icon for settings like on chrome


im really confuse what im suppose to type into


am i suppose to put

‘v’: ‘application:new-file’



i tried putting it, doesnt seem to work


It’s right in the “Customizing Keybindings” section. If you believe that that page of the Flight Manual should be reordered, feel free to open a pull request in the Flight Manual repo.

Follow the example on the page with the same indentation. If you would like me to troubleshoot your keymap.cson, you’ll need to screenshot it and post it here. I can’t tell you what went wrong unless I see the exact text you entered.