UI Theme One Dark font-family: OpenDyslexic;


New to Atom; I am extremely dyslexic and use openDyslexic font everywhere I am able. I have set Atom’s editor to use openDyslexic font. The UI is another story, I left the theme as One Dark; I found how to change the font-size, I do not have a clue where to find the css file to change which will set the font to openDyslexic.

has heaps of files in it and I believe this is the most likely area to find the file I am looking for. I am using Ubuntu as an OS please do not assume I am a IT wise Old Man.

Could someone please point out the file I need to access to change the font-family of the UI.



You touch on a subject for which I am interested to know more about.
How much does the change in font help you? or is reading / typing still an effort?

As to the topic you started, see the picture below:

It is not a cure-all. There are sections missing.
Hopefully others can help to close the gaps.

…let us know.