UI Problem


I have a “small” UI type of problem with my editor.

This is my editor now. I reinstalled the program 5 times nothing changed. i need it back too normal help :slightly_smiling: thanks


Does it happen if you close all atom windows and then run atom --safe in a command-line?


What do you mean? ( i am new to not so fully UIed software)


Do you know how to open a command window? What OS are you on?


ugh i run it on cmd same thing (windows 7 )


There is a close button here:

That will allow you to close the debugging tools and perhaps see more of Atom. Once that is done, we can diagnose more.


It just gives me a totally white screen


Try the following:

  1. Completely close all copies of Atom
  2. Move or rename the .atom directory in your home directory
  3. Start Atom again


BTW clicking on the smartphone next to the search icon could help to.
You have responsive design view activated.

Top left of the right pane. You also seem to have an error with blob storage.