UI Editor background color only on code


I have a problem with themes. As you can see on the image below I have different background color under code and on the rest of the editor. Is there any way to set the same color for whole editor?


This #faq thread contains information about why this happens and how to solve it:

Thanks, I have tried few solution from your topic and below snippet works for me.

atom-text-editor { background-color: rgba(40, 42, 54, 0.99); }

The snipit of code shown goes in the style sheet in theme objects are interesting between { } any part of the editer can be modified there like font-color: “rgb” in hex decimal ex 11 77 ff or rgba as in the snipit

I start getting this issue on other themes and changing styles have not worked for me.

I fixed it by setting Settings->Core->Color Profile and select Use sRGB color profile

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