Ubuntu 14.04 - After reinstalling Atom, I lost alot of features and can't get them back


I am using Ubuntu 14.04 OS. I reinstalled Atom text editor (I installed it by following instructions @ Atom GitHub ). I am using 64 bit version. I lost a lot of features such as, searching specific characters (CTRL+F), settings (packages, themes, etc…CTRL+,), I can no longer change document language, etc…for example if I want to open settings (CTRL+,) it opens empty config file - screenshot:


Well I guess I am switching to Sublime


I’m surprised you had no response on this. Usually things are handled here very quickly.

Anyway, what I would do is delete or rename ~/.atom and try over again. I’ve never heard of any problem like this but crap happens.


Sorry I missed this. I’ve been ramping up on a new job and there has been an overwhelming flood of new information and communication channels to keep track of :laughing:

As for what happened, how did you reinstall Atom? Typically packages aren’t touched when one installs or reinstalls Atom itself.

The Settings View bug you mention can be corrected by following @mark_hahn’s suggestion. It is a known bug we’re working on.

Again, apologies for not getting back to you :slightly_smiling:


Is ~/.atom a folder where package information is saved?


Yes, ~/.atom is where a lot of information is stored, not just installed packages.


Thank you guys this worked. Btw, it was just attention caller I would rather using broken Atom than Sublime :slight_smile:


Good to know. You aren’t the only one who has used that “threat”. (grin)

There are a zillion posts from people saying, in effect, “if you don’t fix/change this I won’t use Atom”. It always amazes me that people would claim in public that they would base their editor decision on a single feature. Of course in your case in was many features.